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Nanchong To Build Northeast Sichuan’s Largest PIC Hog Base

  Recently, Sichuan Giastar Group reached agreements with Langzhong city to build the largest PIC hog base in northeast Sichuan.

  Under the agreements, Sichuan Giastar Group and Sichuan Hongyu Frozen Food Co., Ltd. will contribute 3 million yuan respectively for an independent joint venture, aiming at a PIC hogfarm with 600 PIC grandparent sows for seed-stock and 3000 to 3600 PIC parent breeding pigs bred annually. The Langzhong Municipal Government and Sichuan Giastar Group will contribute 5 million yuan respectively for a hog industry development guarantee fund, which will offer credit guarantee for hog-raisers who breed and raise more than 20 PIC parent breeding sows, and a PIC hog industrial cooperative will also be established in the pattern of “Four Identicals and One Guarantee” (namely: identical boars, identical feedstuff, identical technical services, and identical veterinary drugs and vaccines; guarantee of purchase at protective prices). The proposed total investment of the project is 200 million yuan for a PIC quality hog base with 500 thousand market available hogs and more than 600 million yuan production value annually. After completion, it will become the largest PIC quality hog-raising base in northeast Sichuan.

  PIC (the Pig Improvement Company) is an American company and the biggest group in the world for pig breeding. PIC achieved successive technological breakthroughs in applying genetic technologies and to date has discovered nearly 2000 genetic traits of breeding pigs. Quality hogs stemming from PIC technology are called PIC quality hogs.


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