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Shui On Group To Fund 3 Bln For “Chengbei Tiandi” in Chengdu

  Subsequent to such successful projects as Xintiandi Shanghai and Chongqing Tiandi, the Shui On Group shifts its attention to Chengdu. “Chengbei Tiandi” (tentative) of over 3 billion yuan total investment commenced construction officially on August 26. After completion, the project will produce landmark buildings and result in a first-rate large-scale metropolitan living compound for the northern urban district of Chengdu city, promoting the modern commercial and trade development there.

  Located at the junction of Jiefang Rd. and 2nd Ring Rd. of Jinniu District and adjacent to Shahe, the project “Chengbei Tiandi” is jointly funded by Shui On China Central Properties Limited (SOCCP), a subsidiary of the Shui On Group, and Chengdu Xianglong Property Development Co., Ltd. Drawing upon the planning idea of Xintiandi Shanghai, “Chengbei Tiandi” will rely on Chengdu’s historical culture and human spirit and aim at a large-scale metropolitan living compound with multiple functions of residence, office, shopping, catering and leisure. The project has a planned floor area of 480 thousand square meters, and according to the preliminary scheme, a large-scale civic leisure plaza will be built on the side of the 2nd Ring Rd., connected with other business blocks inside. As a landmark project in the northern urban district of Chengdu city, “Chengbei Tiandi” will provide this region with quality, comfortable and fashionable living style and environment. After completion, it will become home to headquarters of more than 30 well-known enterprises and offer 3000 odd job opportunities and will turn out economic benefits of over 100 million yuan annually.

  The project “Chengbei Tiandi” is known as the second project in Chengdu and the largest project in southwest China invested by SOCCP. Mr. Philip K.T. Wong, Managing Director of SOCCP, said from the preliminary investigation through to the commencement of the project they received great support from the city and the district governments and they were impressed by Chengdu’s efficient and considerate administrative services and sound investment environment. He added that since the northern urban district is an important commercial area in Chengdu with highly developed commercial and trade circulation, the company is rather positive about the development of this region and is certain that “Chengbei Tiandi” will become another representative case of Shui On metropolitan model and it will bring a new living style as well as fortune and business opportunities for this region.

  In the launching ceremony, government officials of Jinniu District revealed that the district attaches great importance to the development of the modern service sector and has just fixed a new strategy of accelerating the establishment of centralized, intensive and clustering modern service system supported by the modern service sector and preconditioned by high technology. Traditionally, the northern urban district is Chengdu’s distribution and business center. It is certain that, given the commencement of the project “Chengbei Tiandi” as well as a series of actions to upgrade commerce and trade, the northern urban district in the future will turn into a more livable and comfortable community and a business center full of vogue and glamour and with more wealth opportunities.

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  Shui On China Central Properties Limited

  Shui On China Central Properties Limited (SOCCP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shui On Construction and Materials Limited (SOCAM), a member of the Shui On Group. Xintiandi Shanghai and Chongqing Tiandi are among the projects under the Group. Currently, except from participating in the investment in the northern urban district project in Chengdu, SOCCP’s investment includes the Central Point at the technology business area of Renmin Rd.(S).


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