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1.2 Bln Dollars Investment for Three Metropolitan Complexes of Modern Service Sector

  7 Investment Projects of Modern Service Sector by Hong Kong Investors

  Construction of Chengdu RBD at Beihu Scenic Area Launched

  16 Prime Lots Covering 2,400 mu Mapped Out

  Chenghua Real Estate Development Project Presentation and Contract-Signing Conference 2009 closed fruitfully in Hong Kong this August, and 7 development projects of modern service sector were contracted between Chenghua District and 7 Hong Kong branded investors, with the estimated gross investment hitting 1.2 billion dollars (approximating 8.1 billion yuan). At the same time, Chenghua District presented 16 prime land lots for development covering a total area of 2,400 mu. He Libin, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Chenghua District, said this is the district’s another remarkable move since the completion of the “program of eastward shift”, aiming at a new prominent region for modern service sector and making it all the way to the “city with the most investment potential for commercial real estate in China” through implementing the “1413 industrial development strategies”. According to He, 3 of the contracted projects are scheduled to kick off within the year.

  The 7 newly-contracted investment projects and the 16 land projects are mainly located on the emerging service sector axis of the Second Ring Road, the four new industrial towns, and the Beihu Lake International Panda Tourist Zone, involving real estate, financial services, first-class hotels, business services and leisure and other similar sectors. The above projects together are expected to evolve into three themed metropolitan complexes of modern service sector.

  Beihu Lake 198 Project To Forge Metropolitan Leisure and Sports Complex

  “It marks the start of Chenghua District’s planned project of Beihu Lake International Panda Tourist Zone and its drive for the Beihu Lake ‘198 Zone’ to become a ‘leisure paradise and sub-center of Chenghua District’”, revealed the responsible executives of China Merchants Group, adding that the Group will invest in the newly-contracted project of integrated development of the Beihu Lake 198 Zone. Scheduled to begin within the year, the project covers a total area of 1,700 mu and involves a gross investment of 117 million dollars. Eventually Chengdu’s first suburban metropolitan leisure and sports complex and a world-class tourist destination will emerge around this area. By then the whole Beihu Lake area will turn into Chenghua District’s sub-center featuring leisure and sports.

  A Modern CBD Metropolitan Commercial Complex in the East of Chengdu

  According to the present planning, Chenghua District will develop an intra-city commerce and tourism town for financial services, first-class hotels, business services and leisure and similar modern service sectors, closely centering Chengdu’s new railway station and aiming at a CBD metropolitan commercial complex in the east of Chengdu city. As has been agreed upon between Sino Group of Hong Kong and Chenghua District, the project is going to start this year with an estimated investment of 80 million dollars, covering an area of 121.95 mu on the west bank of Shahe River along Yinghui Road,and integrating high-end business services, modern commerce, catering, entertainment and other similar services. Besides, Chengda Group also intends to inject 56 million dollars into the Wancheng real estate development project, a project covering 28 mu and featuring high-class apartments, shopping malls, hotels and other similar sectors.

  A Metropolitan Business & Tourism Complex With the Support of Chengdu RBD

  Chengdu RBD stands as one significant pole in Chengdu’s service sector development, and will become a huge international business-oriented metropolitan complex after completion and the future “salon” of Chengdu city as well. Shimao Group is accredited as the contractor of the project, which covers an area of 126 mu and has a total investment of up to 600 million dollars. The project is scheduled to start in the year, aiming at a business and tourism complex of top-grade office buildings, starred hotels, and quality residential buildings. Another investment project of emerging service sector-Chengdu ESDA is located on the inner side of the emerging service sector development axis of the Second Ring Road, not far from the Chengdu RBD. The 210-mu and 200-million-dollar project will be invested by Billion International Investment Holdings Limited, for a metropolitan complex integrating shopping, office facilities, residence, leisure, catering, recreation, and culture. Filsonic Industries Ltd is about to invest 68 million dollars to start a modern service sector project, on a plot covering about 16.93 mu for A-level office buildings, first-class shopping malls and starred hotels. 

  Additionally, United Asia Finance Limited plans to start UAF (Chengdu) Small Loan Company with 50 million dollars investment, aiming at a “finance server” for the modern service sector and offering financial aids for medium and small enterprises in Chengdu.


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