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A New Container Terminal To Be Located In Nanchong

  Recently, responsible officials of the Department of Communications of Sichuan Province visited Nanchong for the purpose of selecting a site for a new container terminal. It was fixed at the same day that the new container terminal in Nanchong, to be the largest of the Jialingjiang River basin, will be situated in Dujing town, Gaoping District and construction is planned to start at the end of the year.

  Along the Jialingjiang River, 9 of the 16 planned cascade water control projects are located in Nanchong. According to the Inland Water Transport Development Planning of Sichuan Province, the water course of the Jialingjiang River will be upgraded to a high grade-the third grade by rebuilding or expanding navigation buildings.

  The Nanchong container terminal is part of the Nanchong port which, as one important component of the Guangyuan-Nanchong port group (one of the two major port groups in Sichuan; the other port group is the Yibin-Luzhou port group), is a crucial link in the northeast Sichuan multidimensional comprehensive transport system. The Nanchong port is therefore of great significance to Sichuan’s drive to build the comprehensive transportation hub in the western region and a precondition to the development of modern logistics, port industries and riverside economic strips in northeast Sichuan and the northern Chengdu-Chongqing economic zone.

  The planned Nanchong container port is located in Dujing town, Gaoping District, at the middle section of the Qingju reservoir region, 5 kilometers from the Baita Jialingjiang Bridge in the central district of Nanchong city. The port enjoys utilizable river banks of 1.5 kilometers with advantageous water and land location and convenient outward traffic. The port construction will be carried out in two phases. It is estimated that the container throughput of the new port after completion will reach 500 thousand TEUs annually. 


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