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Industrial Park: Produce Processing Industry

  Sichuan will take advantage of abundant agricultural products and take over the shift of the following industries in their entirety:

  Beverage industry-soft drinks, quality tea and dairy products.

  Food industry-refined processing of grain and edible oil products; large-sized and standardized slaughter and refined processing of meat products (mainly pork and mutton), and cross-regional and chain operation.

  Textile and silk product industry-under the national policy of “shifting silk-related industries from the east to the west”, to take over enterprises of silkworm-raising, cotton and bast planting, fabric processing and garment manufacturing.

  Leather product industry-leather shoes, suitcases, auto inner furnishing leather articles, leather furniture.

  Bamboo product industry-household and office furniture; manufacturing of bamboo pulp, paper and bamboo products, paper packing and printing, high-quality paper packing and printing.

  Tourism product industry-the development, manufacturing, sale of tourist souvenir, arts and crafts, handicraft articles of flowers and paintings, handicraft articles of bamboo, rattan and straw, handicraft articles of silks, embroidery, printing and dyeing, and local and special products with Sichuan cultural and natural features.

  Major places for industry take-over:

  Textile and silk industry: Chengdu-Suining-Nanchong-Dazhou

  Leather product industry: Wuhou District of Chengdu city, Chongzhou, Jintang and Leshan leather industrial clusters

  Furniture industry: Xindu District of Chengdu, Chongzhou furniture industrial clusters

  Tea processing industry: renowned and quality green tea in hilly areas surrounding the basin like Emei, Ya’an (Ya’an Ecological Technology Park) and in south Sichuan (like Luzhou and Yibin); quality tea rich in selenium in northeast Sichuan (like Bazhong); quality jasmine tea in west Sichuan.


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