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Industrial Park:Petroleum and Gas Chemical Industry

  Sichuan is one of the three major natural gas producing areas in China. Its geological reserve of natural gas reaches 3.6 trillion cubic meters. The economically exploitable reserve of Longgang gas field that was discovered in recent explorations amounts to 700 billion cubic meters, estimated to be the largest gas field in China. Development priority includes investment in supporting services in gas exploration, upper and lower industrial chain of gas chemical industry, upper and lower products of petroleum chemical industry and development and industrialization of new technology.

  Major layout:

  Petroleum chemical industry in south Sichuan: Luzhou-Zigong

  Gas industrial clusters in northeast Sichuan: Dazhou-Nanchong-Fang’an- Suining-Bazhong

  Petroleum chemical industrial clusters: Pengzhou Industrial Park, Pengzhou Petroleum Chemical Industrial Base


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