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Ten Major Tourist Attractions in Sichuan

  In the 2011 Sichuan tourism working conference held before the Spring Festival, our province put forward the concept of building “ten major tourist areas” for the first time. 

  “The ten major tourist areas are devided into three parts, that is ‘to further improve 3 tourist areas, to keep promoting 3 areas and to quicken the building of 4 areas’.” Wu Mian, deputy director of Sichuan Tourism Bureau recently said during an interview. Compared to the building of many tourist areas in the past, the planning of ten model tourist areas stresses more on cultural connotation, tourism product system and industrial cluster benefit. The regional cooperation mode of “strong-strong cooperation” and “strong-help-weak cooperation” will run through the building of ten model tourist areas. Each model tourist area will become attractive and unique scenic spot in Sichuan and will lead the way in our building of a province with strong tourism economy.

  Three traditional tourist areas: upgrade to quality areas

  Wu Mian introduced: “3 tourist areas to be improved are three major traditional areas in our province. The next step is to upgrade these quality areas to act as ‘signboard’ of Sichuan tourism to go global.” The three areas are mature and outstanding key tourist areas in our province.

  The three tourist areas are: Chengdu metropolis tourist area, Emei international holiday resort, and Jiuzhai international tourist area. In the next five-year building of these tourist areas, the mode of building tourist areas separately will be replaced by the integration of tourist elements which takes tourist passages, tourist cities and towns and scenic spots as key parts to forge a tourism industry cluster.

  Three major ecotourism areas: make effort to forge a brand

  The three tourist areas need further promotion are: Panzhihua-Xichang sunshine holiday resort, Jialing River ecological and cultural tourist area and Chinese liquor golden triangle area. The plan to build Panxi and Jialing River tourist areas has been brought up during the “eleventh five-year” period and the building of the two areas will be carried forward in an all-around way.

  Chinese liquor golden triangle tourist area is based on our province’s liquor industry. Official from the provincial Tourism Bureau said: “tourism resource of Luzhou and Yibin is relatively onefold. By the concept of liquor golden triangle, the two cities can realize resource integration and complementation and achieve fine interaction of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.”

  Four burgeoning tourist areas: newly-born strength

  The four tourist areas need to quicken the building are: Longmen Mountain international tourist area, gaint panda ecotourism area, Shangri-La ecotourism area and Dabashan Mountain ecotourism area. They are newly-born strength of our province’s tourism industry.

  It is learned that in the areas which are abundant in ecotourism resource, passage construction will be carried out to make these areas more accessible, innovation and development of tourism products will be sped up to bring out quality ecotourism products and folk culture products, and DIY tour service system will be set up to activate tourism markets in these areas in the next five years.

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