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Leshan Registers China’s Biggest CDM Project

  Leshan City’s Dadu river Shawan hydropower station project has gained the UN CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) EB’s approval of registration. It is China’s biggest renewable energy project in respect of emission reduction that has been approved by the UN CDM EB.

  Shawan hydropower station has a total 480,000-kilowatt installed capacity and the annual emission reduction is equivalent to 1,776,000-ton carbon dioxide. So far, there are 38 CDM projects in Leshan that have gained approvals from the National Development and Reform Commission.11 projects have gained EB’s approval of registration. 3 projects have certifications issued by EB and the certified emission reduction is equivalent to 864,000-ton carbon dioxide. The 38 projects is estimated to reduce an equivalence of 5,636,000-ton carbon dioxide annually with a total revenue of 1.45-billion yuan. The projects cover 10 counties (county-level cities, districts) of Leshan City, including hydropower industry, cement industy, coal industry, afforestation, ceramic industry and so on.

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