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8 Shipping Docks to Built in Leibo County

  To connect Jinsha River and the Yangtze River and to smooth the Panzhihua-Liangshan-Yibin water transport channel, Leibo County will take advantage of the cascade development of hydropower stations like Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba to bulid 8 shipping docks along the 145-kilometer Jinsha River within its boundary.

  With the construction of Xiluodu hydropower station carrying forward rapidly, Leibo has listed the buliding of shipping docks on the agenda. Through survey, Leibo Transport Bureau and the provincial Department of Transport Inland River Survey and Design Institute have jointly finished the design of the shipping docks. According to the planning, 8 docks, Xiaheba, Yangfeng, Shikefeng, Dahewan, Jinshakou, Zhuazhuayan, Shapingzi, and Kahaluo will be built along the lower reaches to the upper reaches of Jinsha River. Xiaheba dock is mainly for tourists to have convenient access to provincial-level scenic spot Mahu Lake. Yangfeng dock and Shikefeng dock are exclusive docks for enterprises. Upstream Zhuazhuayan, Shapingzi and Kahaluo docks are for transportation of ores. Dahewan and Jinsha docks have comprehensive functions. By the impounding of Xiluodu hydropower station, Leibo will become Liangshan autonomous prefecture’s water transport hub in Jinsha river basin which can “reach river and sea”.

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