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New Step for Housed Pandas to Walk in the Wild

  On Feb. 20th, a “house moving” ceremony for panda “Caocao” and its cub involved in Wolong wild training programmⅡ was held in Wolong Hetaoping Giant Panda Wild Training Base. “Caocao”, and its cub “Taotao”, the world’s first panda be born in wild training ground, have successfully finished their initial training and are moving into medium-sized wild training house. This signified the officially start up of the second stage of Wolong gaint panda wild training programmⅡ.

  On Aug. 3rd, 2010, “Caocao” gave birth to a male cub which is the world’s first panda be born in half-wild environment. After its birth, the cub has followed his mother to live on their own for over 5 months in a 2400 m2 small sized wild training house which locates in a 1800-meter high mountain. Through video surveillance system, the programm research staff keep watching the mother and cub’s den selection, environment adaptation, activities and so on 24 hours a day and collect weight, body length and other physical sign data of the cub. At present, “CaoCao” and its cub have well adapted to the half-wild environment and the cub has gradually learned to live independently. Its physical signs and behavior are obviously better than other baby pandas born in the same condition in the corresponding period. Its weight has increased from 205 g when born to 11,600 g now. It has learned some basic living skills like walk, climb trees, find food and has showed its wild nature and vigilance and knows to expel different species.

  According to the Wolong giant panda wild training programmⅡ, when the cub turns to half-year old, the mother and the cub will be transferred to medium-sized training house locates at higher altitude to carry out the second stage of wild training. 

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