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Foreigners in Sichuan Celebrate Lantern Festival

  Watch lion dance, listen to Suona, play drums, write spring festival couplets, make rice glue balls… On the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar year of rabbit, friends from various countries wore Tang suits and celebrated a “Sichuan flavor” Latern Festival with Sichuan people.

  On Feb.17th, Sichuan People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries invited officials of consulates in Sichuan and their families, representatives of foreign business agencies, foreign experts and scholars, a total more than 60 people to enjoy Sichuan folk culture and 2011 “friendly spring” together in Pujiang County, Chengdu.

  German expert Gunt wrote a pair of beautiful spring festival couplets with great interest. Many guests couldn’t wait to show their calligraphy and wrote many couplets. On the other side, rabbit, phoenix, butterfly, human figure… Many foreign friends couldn’t help trying papar cut art. With paper cut of a beautiful girl’s figure revealing in her hands, daughter of Junejo, commerce consul of Pakistan consulate general in Chengdu, showed her paper cut work to everyone.

  The Latern Festival activities included many kinds of traditional folk art performances like long-leg lion dance, Suona playing, flowery pole and waist drum playing. During dinner time, Mondorf, German consul general in Chengdu, rolled up his sleeves and started making rice glue balls which brought joyful laughters.

  Stephen, an Indian expert said, “ this Latern Festival is bustling with joy and excitement and has strong Sichuan flavor. I hope more people will come to enjoy Sichuan.”

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