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Establishment of Western Transportation Hub in 2015

  In the “eleventh five-year” period, investment of our province’s transportation construction has reached 210-billion yuan, a historical new high. On this basis, our province will strive to double the investment during the “twelfth five-year” period. On Feb. 16th, Jiang Jufeng, deputy secretary of the CPC Sichuan provincial committee, governor of Sichuan province, hosted a meeting to discuss transportation planning work in the “twelfth five-year” period and to arrange this year’s work.

  Last year witnessed the biggest scale of under-construction projects, the biggest investment, the longest distance of completed freeway and rapid development of three-level road network and water transportation in our province’s transportation history. The total investment ranked No. 2 in the country. The 5893-kilometer freeway both completed and under-construction ranked No.2 in the country as well. The ports’ container handling capacity increased from 50, 000 TEU 3 years ago to 1,000,000 TEU now.

  During the “twelfth five-year” period, our province plans to achieve over 400-billion yuan investment on transportation construction. By 2015, the western comprehensive transportation hub will be basically established. The problem of “rough Sichuan roads” will be solved and the transportation development will achieve the nation’s top standard. This year’s investment on transportation construction is estimated to be 95-billion yuan, a YoY growth of 25.2%.

  Jiang Jufeng pointed out the “twelfth five-year” period is key period for Sichuan’s transportation to accelerate growth and realize stride leap. Planning work should be done well and be directed to meet the need of the nation’s related plans to let more projects become parts of the nation’s plans. Yearly implementation plan should be drawn up according to the planning. Considering scientification, people’s livelihood, economy and sustainability, projects that most urgent and most needed by the people should be put in more outstanding positions.

  Regarding this year’s work, Jiang said that in the freeway construction aspect, the focus should be the building of passages in and out of Sichuan. Only the external smooth traffic is guaranteed, internal smoothness can be more meaningful. In the construction of rural road network, attention should be paid to the smooth link between rural road network and arterial traffic. With an eye to the people’s need, special attention should be paid to areas inhabited by ethnic groups, poverty-stricken areas and remote mountainous areas to ensure smooth traffic with limited fund. In water transportation aspect, quick development should be continued in Minjiang navigation & hydropower project and comprehensive exploitation of port areas. Organic integration of highway, waterway, railway and air line should be done well. At the same time, modern logistics, especially third-party logistics, should be boosted to build a modern logistics service system.

  Jiang pointed out that in this year’s work, project implementation and the safeguard of fund and land should be paid special attention. While reinforcing project quality, construction safety and fund safety, cost control should be strengthened. A complete road maintenance system should be established. Efforts should be made in ensuring safe traffic, safe construction, energy saving and emission reduction. Connections with state’s ministries and commissions should be enhanced and collaborations among provincial departments and coordination of cities and prefectures should be strengthened.

  Vice-governor Wang Ning said, special planning of “twelfth five-year” transportation work and the organization and implementation of approved projects should be done well and lose no time. Key points should be further highlighted and more efforts should be made to ensure an early formation of Sichuan arterial network. Established principles on transportation construction should be carried on and further reform and innovation should be made to break bottlenecks.

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