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Chengdu-Lijiang Freeway to Complete in 2013

  Liu Xiaohua, representative of Provincial People’s Congress and mayor of Panzhihua City, now attending the NPC and CPPCC meetings, brought good news that by the end of 2013, Panzhihua-Lijiang freeway will be completed. By that time, freeway will connect Chengdu and Lijiang.

  With the completion of Ya’an-Xichang freeway at the end of this year, there will be freeway connects Chengdu and Panzhihua. In addition, Yibin-Panzhihua freeway along the Yangtze river has been included into Sichuan freeway network plan. Now the preliminary work has been started and the construction is estimated to be started in 2012.

  Liu Xiaohua said during the “twelfth five-year” period, Panzhihua will focus on upgrading its pivot function and stress on the building of passages in and out of Panzhihua to perfect the road network, to optimize transportation means, to build an “efficient convenient smooth safe” modern transport and logistics system and to provide strong support for the building of “China vanadium and titanium capital”, “world vanadium and titanium base” and the building of a major city near the border of Sichuan and Yunnan. By 2015, with 40-billion yuan investment (trying to achieve 45-billion), Panzhihua-Lijiang freeway, Chengdu-Kunming multiple-track railway, Zhaotong-Panzhihua-Lijiang railway will be built to form a great passage in and out of Panzhihua that includes Chengdu-Panzhihua, Panzhihua-Kunming, Panzhihua-Lijiang freeways and Chengdu-Kunming railway, Chengdu-Kunming railway new line and Zhaotong-Panzhihua-Lijiang railway.


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