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Compal Chengdu Base Project Commenced

  Following the contract of Sichuan-Compal manufacturing base and headquarters project last Sep., on Jan. 19th, Compal Group Chengdu manufacturing base project started construction.

  Sichuan Party Secretary Liu Qibao and Governor Jiang Jufeng met with Xu Shengxiong, Chairman of Taiwan Compal Group and his team in Chengdu. The team is here to attend the project starting ceremony.

  Liu Qibao congratulated the starting of Compal Chengdu manufacturing base project. He said the starting of the project is a big and happy event for both sides. It has great meaning for Sichuan in further optimizing the structure of electronic information industry and quickening the building of computer manufacturing base. It also means Compal Group has won advantage in expanding vast market in western China and has taken up major position.”

  Liu also said that Sichuan’s economic growth and development environment have all recovered to the level before the earthquake. A miracle of fast growth has been achieved. During the “twelfth five-year” period, Sichuan will focus on electronic information industry to build a major base with all kinds of products and a complete industrial chain. To set up electronic information enterprises in Chengdu has great prospective. We will observe integrity and fully fulfill our commitment, will further improve logistics condition, speed up the building of comprehensive bonded zone in Shuangliu and give support to market expansion, staff recruitment, supply chain building and so on to provide the project with quality service and favorable condition. Liu extended best wishes for the success and bright future of the project.

  Xu Shengxiong said despite of the effect of earthquake and world financial crisis, Sichuan maintains a strong momentum which affirms investors’ confidence to invest in Sichuan. Only four months after the signing of contract between Compal and Sichuan, the project has been started. It shows that we think highly of Sichuan’s advantages and future development and shows our sincerity. Sichuan’s abundant human resources, convenient transportation and efficient government administration are key factors attract us to invest in Sichuan, in Chengdu. We will speed up the enterprise construction and start manufacturing as soon as possible.

  Compal Group is the world’s biggest computer OEM enterprise. Compal Chengdu manufacturing base mainly manufacture laptop, PC, PAD, television, displayer, mobile communication, wireless network and other computer-related and electronic 3C products. The project is planned to be finished in June, 2011. The production capacity will be 10-million laptops by the end of 2011, 20-million in 2013 and 40-million in 2015.

  Vice-governor Huang Xiaoxiang and mayor of Chengdu City Ge Honglin also attended the meeting and the starting ceremony.

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