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Sichuan ICH Center Settles in Expo Park

  “Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Center project is now under intense planning, striving to be started soon and be finished within the year.” He Zhengjun, director of Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Center, told the reporter after the Sichuan Cultural Bureau Directors’ Meeting which was held in Chengdu the other day. 

  It is learned that Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Center will settle in the International Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Park which locates in the Oasis Park, Qingyang District, Chengdu. The project has a over 66-million yuan investment, takes up over 6600m2 area and has over 9800m2 building area. He Zhengjun told the reporter :“ the about-to-start project, being the first one in China, finally finds a home for near 10,000 intangible heritages in Sichuan.” Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Center was founded at the end of 2008 and officially started working in Sichuan Museum in Jan. 2010, responsible for the protection, inheritance, training, publicity, exhibition and research of intangible heritages in Sichuan. At the beginning of 2010, Sichuan government listed the building of the center as priority. Taking the opportunity of the building of Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Park, the Center and the Park are integrately planned and constructed.

  The Center will set up Qiang culture exhibition and other exhibitions, using real objects, live exhibition and other methods to present the intangible heritages. What worth mentioning is that the Center will set up a 1000m2 digitalized virtual experiencing center, demonstrating the intangible heritages in an animation way to increase interactivity with the audience.

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