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2010 Sichuan Foreign Trade Ranks No.1 in Midwest

  It is learned from Chengdu Customs and Sichuan Commerce Department that in 2010, foreign trade value of Sichuan exceeds $30-billion for the first time, with $6-billion actual foreign investment and $4-billion turnover in foreign economic cooperation. The foreign trade value and actual foreign investment both ranks No.1 in midwest China while foreign economic cooperation keeps in the lead in the country. 

  The import and export structure has been further optimized. According to customs statistics, last year the import and export value of Sichuan is $32.78-billion, a YoY growth of 35.6%, with a $18.85-billion export value, a YoY growth of 33% and a $13.93-billion import value, a YoY growth of 39.3%. The number of enterprises qualified for import and export business exceeds 10,000. The import and export of electromechanical products and processing trade both rank 10th in China, high and new technology products rank 9th. The import and export value of service trade exceeds $4-billion, a YoY growth of over 50%. Chengdu has 305 registered service outsourcing enterprises, employing 49,000 people, the most in midwest China.

  Foreign investment focuses on the tertiary industry. Last year, Sichuan absorbed $7.01-billion foreign fund, among which actual investment reached $6.12 billion, a YoY growth of 69.6%. 160 out of world’s 500 top enterprises overseas have set up branches in Sichuan. The net increased contract value with foreign enterprises has a YoY growth of 279.8%, taking up 39.2% of the total foreign direct contract value. The actual foreign investment in the tertiary industry takes up 62.7% of the total value.

  Last year the contract value of newly-signed contract foreign projects and labor service cooperations is $6.9-billion, the third in the country, a YoY growth of 52.8%. The turnover reaches $4.02-billion, the fifth in the country, a YoY growth of 19.3%. Up till now, there are 76 projects whose contract value exceeds $100-million, the total value amounting to $30.8-billion. The number of foreign-funded enterprises in Sichuan is 226. The “walk out” steps have been quickened in fields such as foreign agricultural cooperation, real estate, business service, medicine, food, machinery and so on.


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