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Sichuan Snacks

  Bean Noodles in Chili Sauce


  It was in Late Qing Dynasty. Xie Tianlu, the inventor, set up a stand at a ferry in Nanchong to sell the bean noodles. His jelly-like bean noodles gradually gained reputation for its tender, fresh quality and tasty chili sauce. The later generations of Xie’s family carried on this business of the special home-made delicacy and eventually started a restaurant of the bean noodles in chili sauce. Nowadays, it has become popular all over Sichuan as a famous snack.

  Sour Spicy Tofu


  Pudding-looking Sour Spicy Tofu is a local snack popular in Chengdu and Leshan. As a time-honored folk snack, sour spicy tofu used to be peddled with a carrying pole in towns and villages. 

  Tofu is made from quality soybeans , which are ground into soybean milk after being sufficiently soaked in the well or river water. The soybean milk will be filtered and boiled and stored in a wooden tub. Then, it will be blended with water with dissolved sweet potato flour and gypsum in a glazed jar. Now just wait, the boiled soybean milk will become pudding-like Tofu.

   Sour Spicy Tofu is just one of varieties prepared, using soybean sauce, vinegar, chili powder and gourmet powder to make the sauce, together with bean sprout, oil-fried soybeans, turnip and chopped onions. Sour Spicy Tofu, as the name suggests, tastes hot, sour and salty. The Tofu pudding is delicate and the ingredients are crisp. This snack is spicy and special in taste.

  Sour Spicy Tofu is a famous specialty in Chengdu’s Tan Douhua Restaurant. 

  Guo Kui


  Guo Kui is a sort of Chinese sandwich or Kebab, but with different style of fillings from its western or Muslim counterpart. Any speical Guo Kui restaurant or even little food stand by the roadside may prepare a great variety of Guo Kui, filled with sliced chicken, beef, steamed pork, pork lungs or vegetables. The traditional Guo Kui restaurant of Old Chenghua is one of them. Moreover, the ox-tail soup in this restaurant is also very special. Although this restaurant sells traditional snacks, the clean and transparent dinning tables and white wallpaper in it seem also quite refreshing and fashionable.

  Double-Flavored Pearl Balls


  The Double-Flavor Pearl Balls are brightly-colored, nice-shaped, and tasteful for either the sweet or the salty flavored.

  Triple-blended Dough


  The famous snack of Triple-blended dough is popular in the western areas of Sichuan Province, featured with its pleasant smell, sweet flavor, fresh taste and rich nutrition. It tastes really unique if goes with the special vegetable side dish.

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