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Xindu Sweet Osmanthus Festival

  Sweet Osmanthus is one of the traditional precious flowers in China. Through history, it has enjoyed the honor of “outperforming all other flowers in September”, being the symbol of nobility, beauty, luck and happiness. When it blooms in August, its “thick leaves extend enormous beauty” and “yellow blossoms hang all over the trees”. And its sweet scents float to a long distance away and linger for a long time. As recorded in the Chronicle of Chengdu in Ancient and Modern Times, in places around the ancient Chengdu, it was a custom to celebrate the sweet osmanthus festival in the eighth month in lunar calendar. Selling sweet osmanthus, appreciating them and writing poetry about them were popular at that time. And the custom continues till now. Presently, Xindu Guihu has the vast majority of the varieties of Cinnamomum tamala (柴桂), Osmanthus fragrans var. latifolius (银桂), Osmanthus fragrans var. aurantiacus (丹桂) and Osmanthus fragrans var. semperflorens (四季桂). Xindu Guihu is thus known as one of the five destinations in China for appreciating sweet osmanthus. The unique advantages of Xindu Guihu make it possible to hold large-scale shows in September or October every year since the 1980s and sponsor special events of economic and cultural exchange featuring sweet osmanthus. 

  At the festival there will be various exhibitions of sweet osmanthus bonsai, traditional cultural relics, and bonsai from external sources, as well as colorful cultural and artistic activities.

  Position: 16 km from Chengdu


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