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Shopping in Chengdu

  It is great fun to stroll the long lanes of vintage shopping streets to find places for entertainment, shopping, amusement, restaurants, pubs, tea houses and popular jewelry shops like Qintailu, Jinli, Kejiaxiang, Wuhouci Hengjie, and the Chengdu Songxiangqiao Curio Trade Centre.


  Qintailu, a 900 meter long road is located inside the Thatched Cottage of cultural, catering and entertainment commercial area and adjacent to Qingyanggong. Most of the buildings on the sides of the street are two or three-storey architectures that adopted the style of the Han and Tang Dynasties. Based on the love story of Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun, the street displays the story's etiquettes, dances, music, banquets and other customs of the Han Dynasty. Many jewelers sell their treasures in the shops, and thus, the street is a famous jewelry trade centre in Chengdu. In addition, restaurants, tea houses and pubs stand among the jewelry shops. The street is a comprehensive business centre integrated with travel, catering, amusement and shopping, echoing with Chunxilu road in east Chengdu.


  Jinli street is 350 meters long and is adjacent to the Nanyang Memorial Temple to Wuhou. On both sides of the street are buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Grey-walled bricks, black cyan roof tiles, garnet poles and pillars, and old signboards hang on all the shops to present simplicity and quietness. Folk craftsmen sell clay sculptures, sugar drawings and chopsticks on the street. Tea houses, shadow play rooms and pubs characterized by the style of the Three Kingdom period and west Sichuan throng the street to portray the unique folk custom of Sichuan.

  Chengdu Songxianqiao Curio Trade Centre

  Songxianqiao Curio Trade Centre is the largest craftwork market in southwest China. The market imitates the architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and is integrated with travel, shopping, cultural relic appreciation, folk custom exhibition and entertainment.


  Kejiaxiang is a short and prosperous lane near Chunxilu road. Those who pursue the fad and others who are nostalgic would visit the shops on the lane frequently. Toys, fashionable dresses, personalized articles and famous brand products are available on the lane. In addition, shoppers can rest and drink in snack bars and go on strolling.

  Wuhouci Hengjie

  The street near Nanyang Memorial Temple to Wuhou is full of stores selling Tibetan articles as well as craftworks of other ethnic groups and gadgets with religious features.

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