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Large and Increased Annual Growth Rate of Population in 2007

  As of December 31, 2007, Sichuan Province had 27,915,271 households in total and a population of 88,151,705, an average of 3.16 people per household. The total population increased by 926,481 compared with 2006, representing an annual growth rate of 1.15%, up 0.22 percentage point. Among the population, 45,664,212 were male, accounting for 51.80%, and female took up 48.20%, at 42,487,493. The ratio of male to female was 107.5:100. The population under the age of 18 was 18,018,603, representing 20.44% of the total. The population between the age of 18 to 35 was 23,883,744, 27.09% of the total. 33,126,976 people were between the age of 35 to 60, accounting for 37.58%. 13,122,382 people were above the age of 60, 14.89% of the total.

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