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Water Resources

  Sichuan has heavy rainfall, and its water resources are among the richest in the country. Since there are almost 1400 rivers in Sichuan, it is dubbed the “province with one thousand rivers”. The total volume of Sichuan’s water resources approximates 348.97 billion cubic meters; the average annual runoff of natural rivers is 254.75 billion cubic meters, representing 73% of the total volume of water resources; water flowing into Sichuan from the upper reaches is 94.22 billion cubic meters, 27% of the total. And there are also 54.69 billion cubic meters of underground water resources, with the exploitable amount of 11.5 billion cubic meters. Sichuan is covered with over 1,000 lakes and more than 200 glaciers. And there are swamps of a considerable area, most of which are in the northwest and southwest of Sichuan Province. The total water storage capacity of lakes is about 1.5 billion cubic meters. Plus that of marshes, the total amounts to almost 3.5 billion cubic meters.  

  Sichuan is rich in water resources, and its per capita water resources are higher than the national average. However, due to their unbalanced distribution in time and space, there appear regional water shortages and seasonal water shortages. Though the richest water resources are found in the river runoff, its seasonal distribution is uneven, the majority concentrating from June to October. Therefore, floods and droughts occur from time to time. The river courses are full of twists and turns, facilitating agricultural irrigation. And the natural water is in good quality. (The above data were offered by Sichuan Yearbook Press. See Sichuan Yearbook 2008 for details.)


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