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Tourist Resources

  Sichuan is one of the leading provinces in respect of tourist resources in China. It boosts abundant tourist resources, beautiful natural scenery, long history and splendid culture as well as unique ethnic customs, and both the quantity and taste of its tourist resources rank among the best in the country.

  There are five world heritage sites in the province, ranking the second in the country. These world heritage sites include three sites of natural heritage (Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong and Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat), one natural and cultural heritage site (Mount Emei—Leshan Giant Buddha) and one cultural heritage site (Mount Qingcheng—Dujiangyan Irritation System). Four natural reserves (Jiuzhaigou Valley, Wolong Natural Reserve, Huanglong and Daocheng Yading) were listed into the International Man and Biosphere Reserve Network. Sichuan has 15 national key scenic spots, ranking the first in the country, while there are 75 provincial-level scenic spots. And five of the “China’s 40 best tourist destinations” are located in Sichuan. Mount Qingcheng-Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Mount Emei and Jiuzhaigou Valley are among the first that were confirmed as National AAAAA Tourist Attractions. At present, Sichuan has altogether three National AAAAA Tourist Attractions and 34 National AAAA Tourist Attractions. And there are 21 China’s excellent tourist cities and 21 national natural reserves, among which there are 11 national giant panda natural reserves. So far Sichuan has established 88 forest parks, including 31 national-level ones and 49 provincial-level ones. A variety of geological landscapes can be found in Sichuan, and over 220 geological relics have been discovered, among which tourists can find 2 world-class geoparks in Xingwen and Zigong respectively and 12 national geoparks, being one of the top provinces in China in this respect. There are 7 national famous historic and cultural cities in Sichuan, the first in the country, as well as 55 provincial-level famous historic and cultural cities (or towns). And the number of national key protected sites of cultural relics and provincial-level protected sites of cultural relics reach 128 and 337 respectively.

  (The above data were offered by the Sichuan Yearbook Press. See Sichuan Yearbook 2008 for details.)


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