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Chengdu, the Provincial Capital

  Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, is located in Southwest China, enjoying a history of 2,300 years as a city. As the key city of the state-set “Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone”, Chengdu has established with the approval by the State Council a “National Pilot Zone of Comprehensive Concerted Reforms for Urban/Rural Coordination”, and is also identified by the State Council as the center in the Southwest of science and technology, business and trade, and finance as well as the hub of transportation and communication. Administrating 9 districts, 4 municipalities and 6 counties, Chengdu covers an area of 12.4 thousand square kilometers, with the population of 11.03million in total and over 4.5 million in urban districts.

  Situated in the hinterland of west Sichuan plain, Chengdu is averagely 540 meters above the sea level, and has a subtropical humid monsoon climate. It has four clear-cut seasons, but with cool summers, warm winters, average annual temperature of 16.7℃, and average annual rainfall of 945.6mm. Over 40 rivers like Minjiang , Tuojiang, flow through the land, providing 26 billion cubic meters of water resources in total.

  The city of Chengdu enjoys a beautiful environment, with urban afforestation coverage rate and greening rate of 32% and 24.6% respectively. The city is peaceful with noise in urban area kept down below 55 db all year round. It is also a city of fresh air with API below 100 all year. The pass rate of the water quality in water function zone is 100%.

  Chengdu has achieved a great progress in comprehensive competence and a remarkable increase in economic aggregate, with a GDP of 332.44 billion RMB in 2007. The value added in first, second and third industries is 23.55 billion, 150.4 billion and 158.49 billion RMB respectively. The per capita disposable income of urban residents has reached 14800 RMB, while the per capita net income for rural residents has reached 5400 RMB, with social retail goods of 135.7billion RMB. Private economy develops rapidly with value added of 166billion RMB. In 2007, Chengdu has 4431 foreign owned enterprises, 124 of which are among the top 500 enterprises in the world. Cooperative relations in economy and trade have been well-established with 175 countries and regions in the world while the US, Germany, France, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Pakistan have set up their consulates in the City. Chengdu has also been awarded the titles of China’s Top Ten Economically Thriving City and China’s Best Commercial City.

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