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Li Chengyun


  Li Chengyun, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province

  Li Chengyun was born in Guang’an, Sichuan Province in May, 1955. He began his career in March, 1974 and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in December, 1975. He got MBA degree from Sichuan Business Management School.

  He once worked as a juror in the county court, and as a rice-growing technician for a local commune. He graduated from Shanghai Machinery College in 1978 before working in the Department of Machinery Industries (DMI). He worked successively as deputy division chief of the Planning & Development Division of DMI, vice mayor of the People’s Government of Wanxian County, vice general manager of Chengdu Sandian Co. Ltd., and assistant of director general of DMI.

   Li’s career and public service are as follows:

  1993.10, deputy director and member of the CPC Leadership Group of DMI

  1996.2, director and secretary of the Party Leadership Group of DMI Sichuan

  2000.5, deputy director and deputy Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Economic and Trade Commission (equivalent to director)

  2001.2, secretary of CPC Deyang Municipal Committee

  2003.2, secretary of CPC Deyang Municipal Committee, and director of Deyang Municipal People’s Congress

  2006.6, director and deputy secretary of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee for State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration

  2008.1, vice governor of Sichuan Province

  Mr. Li is a deputy to the 16th CPC National Congress, a member of the 8th and 9th CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, and a deputy to the 9th, 10th and 11th Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress.


  Mr. Li is responsible for affairs concerning industry, science and technology, IT industry, State-owned Assets, intellectual property, SMEs, emergency management and security.

  He is in charge of the provincial departments of Provincial Economic Commission, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Information Industry, Commission for State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration, Administration of SMEs, Administration of Intellectual Property Protection, Administration of Work Safety(Provincial Work Safety Office), Bureau of Coal Geology, Bureau of Nuclear Geology, Bureau of Salt Affairs, Gold Bureau, Tobacco Monopoly Administration, Office of Scientific and Technological Industry of National Defense, Emergency Management Office of Provincial People’s Government, Food Association, Academy of Social Science, Institution of Metrology and Testing Technology.

  He serves as the liaison with Chengdu Railway Bureau, Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, CNPC Sichuan Petroleum, SINOPEC Corporation Southwest Oil, Aviation Administration, Space Administration, Nuclear Industry Administration, Office of Electricity Regulatory, Electric Power Corporation, CNPC Southwest Oil Field Branch Office, CNPC Sichuan Marketing Company, CNPC Chuanyu Marketing Company, China Tobacco Chuanyu Industrial Corporation, and Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone, as well as the Provincial Labor Union Council, Association of Science and Technology, Association of Social Science, and CAS Chengdu Branch.

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