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Huang Yanrong


  Huang Yanrong: Vice Governor of Sichuan Province.

  Huang Yanrong, female, was born in Xiaxian, Shaanxi Province in November, 1955. She started her career in August 1974 and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in January, 1982. As a senior engineer, Ms. Huang holds a master’s degree of economic management from the Party School of the CPC Central Committee.

  She had been an educated youth and worker.

  1982, graduated from Southwest University of Agriculture, and worked successively as deputy director, director of Agricultural Machinery Administration of Jinniu District, director of Science and Technology Committee, chairperson of Science and Technology Association of Jinniu District, deputy executive of Jinniu District, Chengdu City

  1989.6, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Administration of Agricultural Machinery

  1996.12, director of Sichuan Provincial Administration of Agricultural Machinery

  1999.12, deputy secretary and commissioner of CPC Ya’an Regional Committee

  2000.12, deputy secretary of CPC Ya’an Municipal Committee and Mayor of Ya’an city

  2002.5, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, chairperson of Sichuan Provincial General Labor Union

  2003.9, vice-chairperson, secretary of the Secretariat and member of the Party Leading Group of All-China General Labor Union, and concurrently as vice-chairperson of All-China Women’s Federation (since August, 2003)

  2006.12, vice governor of Sichuan Province, member of the Party Leading Group of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government

  Ms. Huang is a deputy to the 10th NPC, member of the 9th CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, and a deputy to the 11th Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress.


  Ms. Huang is responsible for affairs of education, urban and rural construction, culture, radio and television、press and publication, tourism, women and children.

  She is in charge of the provincial departments of education, construction, culture; the provincial bureaus of radio and television, press and publication and tourism; and the Information Office of the provincial government.

  She serves as the liaison with Communist Youth League, Women’s Federation, Writer's Association, Federation of the Literature and Art Circles.

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