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National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology

  Address: No.10, Yushuang Rd., Chengdu

  Postal Code: 610021

  Tel: 84404929

  Fax: 84404222


  1) To implement the state guidelines and policies in relation to scientific research and transformation of scientific achievements into production; to undertake the scientific research tasks on metrology assigned by the State and engage in the fundamental research on metrological verification, calibration, product assessment and approval, quality monitoring equipment, measurement origin-tracing methodology and standards and other issues of public welfare in the performance of WTO/TBT agreements.

  2) To implement laws and regulations on metrology and establish national benchmark standards of measurement and public standards of measurement needed by the State; to take charge of measurement dissemination and origin-tracing.

  3) To examine, approve and permit the manufacturing of measuring instruments by enterprises and public institutions in accordance with the laws for provincial departments; and to undertake the testing of new product samples of measuring instruments and assessment and approval.

  4) To settle disputes concerning measurement for metrological administrative departments at all governmental levels and undertake appraisals and assessment for arbitration cases.

  5) To undertake technical administration and supervision of metrological technologies assigned by the metrological administrative departments of Sichuan Provincial Government.

  6) To undertake quality supervision and inspection of measuring instruments produced in Sichuan Province and conduct quality supervision and inspection of measuring instruments in production and distribution.

  7) To undertake quality supervision and inspection of sensors assigned by the State.

  8) To conduct product research and development, manufacturing and technical consultation and services in the field of related high and new technology.

  9) To formulate product standards and offer the corresponding technical consultation and service.


  The subordinate units of National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology include: the General Office, the Personnel Office, the Planning and Finance Office, the Science and Technology Office, the Administrative Office of Legal Measurement, Office of the Party Committee, Disciplinary Inspection & Supervision Office, Research Institute of Mechanical Testing, Research Institute of Electron & Electromagnetism, Research Institute of Traffic Testing, Research Institute of Ionizing Radiation, Research Institute of Chemistry, Research Institute of Optics, Research Institute of Heat Engineering, Research Institute of Measuring Instruments, Sichuan Provincial Supervision and Inspection Centre of Measuring Instruments, State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Sensors, Metrology & Measurement Website, Technology Development Co., Ltd., R&D Center for New and High Technology, Logistics Company, the Guangzhou Branch, and the Engineering Testing Institute of National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology.


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