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Coalfield & Geology Bureau of Sichuan Province

  Address: No.39, Qinghua Rd., Chengdu

  Postal Code: 610072

  Tel: 87317080

  Fax: 87314209


  1) To implement laws, rules, principles and policies promulgated by the State on geological exploration and exploitation of mineral resources.

  2) To work out medium-term and long-term programs and annual plans for coalfield geological exploration throughout Sichuan Province, and arrange the enforcement thereof.

  3) To provide reserves of resource for the sustainable development of coal and charcoal industry in Sichuan Province.

  4) To take charge of quality and technical testing of coal and charcoal products throughout Sichuan Province, and to undertake qualification administration of coalfield geological exploration, supervision of coalfield geological explorations, and evaluation of coalfield resources.

  5) To take charge of the industrial management and administration of administered units engaging in coalfield geological exploration, manage the state-owned assets of such units, and ensure the maintenance or increase of value thereof.

  6) To take charge of scientific research and archives management in coalfield geology throughout Sichuan Province.

  7) To ensure ideological adherence, ideological and ethical progress, and personnel stability within administrations for coalfield geology throughout Sichuan Province.

  8) To undertake other tasks assigned by Sichuan Provincial Government.


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