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Poverty-Relief and Development Office of Sichuan Province

  Address: No.16, Commercial St., Chengdu

  Postal Code: 610012

  Tel: 86630394

  Fax: 86630394


  1) To implement the principles and policies made by the Party and the State on poverty-relief and development, put forth specific policies and supporting measures on poverty-relief throughout Sichuan Province, arrange the implementation of the said policies and measures after approval, and supervise and inspect the implementation thereof.

  2) To work out medium-term and long-term plans of poverty-relief and development throughout Sichuan Province, participate in the formulation and implementation of economic and social development plans that affect poverty-stricken areas; and to decide on the standard for support to rural poverty-stricken population and poverty-stricken areas throughout Sichuan Province.

  3) To put forth the allocation plan of poverty-relief funds throughout Sichuan Province, provide guidance on, inspect and supervise the use of poverty-relief funds; to administer poverty-relief projects; and to take charge of the monitoring and statistics of poverty.

  4) To keep in contact with central organs of the CPC, State organs and Zhejiang Province in respect of poverty-relief projects to designated targets in Sichuan Province and with provincial organs in respect of poverty relief to designated counties; and to undertake poverty-relief projects with foreign aids as well as international communications and cooperation on poverty-relief.

  5) To take charge of the training of cadres in poverty-relief and development institutions throughout Sichuan Province; and to administer directly-affiliated non-profit-seeking institutions and provide guidance on the operation of relevant social organizations.

  6) To undertake other tasks assigned by Sichuan Provincial Government and the daily operation of the Leading Group for Poverty-relief and Development of Sichuan Province.  

  Constitution of the Office:

  Office for Poverty-Relief and Development of Sichuan Province consists of two functional offices and the Office Committee of the CPC.

  1) Office of General Affairs

  The Office of General Affairs shall assist leaders in the Office with comprehensive coordination of the administrative affairs, and undertake the organization of major conferences and the implementation of resolutions. The Office shall take charge of the draft of relevant comprehensive reports and documents. The Office shall take charge of the secretarial work, information, publicity, confidentiality, matters in relation to letters and visits from the public, file-keeping, management by objective, finance and logistics management and services. And the Office shall take charge of the training of cadres in the agencies of poverty-relief and development in Sichuan Province.

  2) Planning Office

  The Planning Office shall study and put forward relevant policies and supporting measures on poverty alleviation and development in Sichuan. The Office shall draw up the medium-term and long-term plans for poverty alleviation and development as well as the supporting standards for poverty-stricken areas. The Office shall participate in drafting and implementing the social and economic development plans for poverty-stricken areas. The Office shall take charge of the declaration of the poverty alleviation fund, put forward the allocation plan and orientation, provide guidance on, supervise and inspect the management and utilization of the poverty alleviation fund. The Office shall administer relevant poverty alleviation projects. The Office shall keep in contact with the Central Government, state organs and Zhejiang Province on providing poverty alleviation aid to the designated sister regions and with the provincial organs on aiding the appointed poverty-stricken counties. The Office shall take on the foreign-aid poverty alleviation projects and the international exchanges and cooperation in relation to poverty alleviation. And the Office shall take charge of the monitoring and statistics of the poverty in Sichuan.

  The Office Committee of the CPC shall take charge of the Party-and-mass affairs in the Office and subordinate units as well as disciplinary inspection and supervision; and undertake tasks concerning personnel, salary, institutional establishment and administration in the Office and subordinate agencies.


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