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Judicial Administrative Department of Sichuan Province

  Address: No.24, Shangxiang St., Chengdu

  Postal Code: 610015

  Tel: 86747716

  Fax: 86622243


  1) To implement national and provincial guidelines, policies, laws, regulations and rules in relation to judicial administration; to draw up normative documents in relation to judicial administration, prepare medium-term and long-term schemes and annual plans for judicial administration and supervise the implementation of the abovesaid documents.

  2) To give directions on and supervise the enforcement of criminal punishments and the rehabilitation of criminals and to administer the rehabilitation of prisoners through labor. 

  3) To formulate plans for legal publicity and education, the popularization of legal knowledge and lawful governance and see to the implementation of the above plans, and to provide guidance to all localities and all industries on lawful governance.

  4) To provide guidance on and supervise the practice of lawyers, notarial service, legal advisory service, legal aid service and the handling of complaints from foreign investors and Taiwanese investors.

  5) To provide guidance on matters in relation to people’s mediation, and the aftercare for and instruction to people released from prison and from rehabilitation-through-labor program, as well as legal service at the grassroots.  

  6) To provide guidance on lawful administration within the judicial administrative system; to take charge of the registration of arbitration; to administer affairs concerning law societies and judicial identification; and to provide guidance on law education and legal theoretical research.

  7) To administer and provide guidance on the provincial judicial examination.

  8) To provide guidance on and administer the planning and finance as well as logistical affairs within the judicial administrative system such as guns and ammunition, apparel and vehicles.

  9) To provide guidance on the construction of the CPC and the construction of the leadership as well as ideology and politics within the judicial administrative system; to supervise the group of leadership of prisons at the provincial level, rehabilitation centers above the county level and in the institute for administration of politics and law; to assist with the administration of the leaders of judicial administrative bureaus in municipalities, counties and prefectures; and to take charge of the personnel and the training of police officers within the judicial administrative systems.

  To undertake other tasks assigned by Sichuan Provincial Government.


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