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Information Industry Department of Sichuan Province

  Address: No.1, Qingyun Rd.(S), Chengdu

  Postal Code: 610017

  Tel: 86628709

  Fax: 86740914


  1) To implement the guidelines, laws and regulations on the development of the information industry, and formulate and arrange the enforcement of implementing measures thereof; to propose development strategies for the electronic information sector, and draft local policies and regulations promoting the development of electronic information sector in Sichuan Province; and to take charge of administrative law enforcement and supervision of administrative law enforcement.

  2) To work out the medium-term and long-term plans and annual plans for the development of electronic information sector in Sichuan Province; to provide guidance on and coordinate major issues in development of electronic information sector; and to take charge of the overall planning and industrial management of the public computer network, radio and TV transmission network and other special information network.

  3) To arrange the implementation of technical policies, technical systems and technical standards of the manufacturing of electronic and information products, telecommunication sector computer software industry and radio and TV transmission network; and take charge of record-keeping of relevant technical standards in information industry.

  4) To arrange the drafting of specific regulations on radio administration; to take charge of planning of the radio frequencies throughout Sichuan Province and the examination, submission to higher authorities for approval of and management of the establishment of radio station; to arrange the monitoring and management over radio; to deal with the radio interference, and safeguard the order of air electric waves; and to administer the first-class radio extension institutions of cities, municipalities and prefectures.

  5) To supervise of the quality of electronic information products and the electronic information service market, and establish necessary license system; to join with relevant departments in formulating policies and charge standards for local information service and supervise the implementation thereof.

  6) To take charge of the planning, construction and management of communication networks exclusively for Party and government use throughout Sichuan Province; to coordinate communication channels exclusively for Party and government use and for disaster relief and emergency as well as other important communication channels; and to coordinate matters in relation to computer network and information security.

  7) To take charge of the implementation of policies for electronic information sector and technical development, and direct and support the development of the electronic information sector; to provide guidance on structural adjustment of electronic information sector, products and enterprises, as well as restructuring and system reform of electronic information enterprises; and to optimize the resource allocation of electronic information.

  8) To promote research and development of electronic information products manufacturing, software, and communication sector and military electronic products, and the popularization and application of electronic information technology; and to organize and implement major scientific projects and the assimilation and innovation of imported technology in electronic information sector.

  9) To provide guidance on planning and construction of cross-department and cross-regional information engineering projects that have a bearing on national economic and social development; to promote information-based national economic and social service; to assist the sector in promoting the national and provincial key informatization projects; to propose suggestions on the initiation, feasibility study and construction opening of key electronic information projects; to take charge of foreign exchange and cooperation in the sector; and to take charge of statistics and information release in the sector.

  10) To undertake other tasks assigned by Sichuan Provincial Government


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