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Health Department of Sichuan Province

  Address: No. 80, Wenmiao St., Chengdu

  Postal Code: 610041

  Tel: 86146924

  Fax: 86131488


  1) To implement laws, regulations, principles and policies in relation to public health; to draw up rules and regulations in relation to public health of Sichuan Province; to formulate and enforce development programs, annual plans and technical standards of health undertakings of Sichuan Province; and to administer the health sector in Sichuan Province.

  2) To implement the guideline of giving priority to prevention, and launch nationwide health education; to formulate and enforce the planning and measures of disease prevention and control in Sichuan Province; and to be responsible for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, endemics and other common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases.

  3) To provide guidance on the efforts of elementary health care, women and children health care, rural and community health care in Sichuan Province; and to plan and coordinate health resources allocation in Sichuan Province.

  4) To supervise and administer food sanitation, occupational health, environmental sanitation, radiological health, school sanitation and public health; and to draw up administrative regulations on food quality and cosmetics quality, and take charge of relevant  authentications.

  5) To take charge of supervision and administration of market access of such medical care elements as medical institutions, medical practitioners, medical technology application and large-scale medical equipment.

  6) To organize and coordinate the disposal of such emergencies as serious epidemics and diseases and prevent and control the appearance and spread of epidemics and diseases; and to monitor major diseases and supervise the quality of medical care.

  7) To supervise and manage the quality of blood sampling and supplying in blood stations and plasma sampling stations as well as the blood quality for clinical use; and to encourage citizens to donate blood.

  8) To work out programs and plans of medical scientific research in Sichuan Province; to organize fundamental research and application studies of medical and health science and technology; and to provide guidance on the popularization and application of scientific and technological achievements.

  9) To work out development programs of public health talents and medical education in Sichuan Province; to formulate occupational ethical norms for medical and health practitioners in Sichuan Province, and strengthen the rectification of work style in the sector.

  10) To formulate development programs, policies, measures and technical standards concerning woman and child health care and quality improvement of newborns; and to supervise the implementation of laws, regulations and special skills on mother and infant health care.

  11) To attach equal importance to traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine; and to promote the succession and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, and make efforts in the modernization of TCM.

  12) To take charge of matters in relation to medical treatment and health care service for cadres confirmed by the Cadre Health Care Committee of Sichuan Province.

  13) To take charge of multilateral and bilateral cooperation and exchanges between governments and non-governmental institutions in respect of public health and foreign aids concerning public health.

  14) To undertake the daily routine work of the Patriotic Health Campaign Committee of Sichuan Province.

  15) To undertake other tasks assigned by Sichuan Provincial Government.


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