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Water Resources Department of Sichuan Province

  Address: No.69, Wenwu Rd., Chengdu

  Postal Code: 610017

  Tel: 86935267

  Fax: 86943009


  1) To implement relevant rules and regulations, and draft relevant supporting implementing measures and regulatory documents, and see to the implementation thereof; to draw up principles and policies, development strategies and medium-term and long-term programs of water conservancy and aquaculture.

  2) To manage water resources in Sichuan Province (including aerial water, surface water and underground water); to draft overall planning on water resources in Sichuan Province, river basin planning and special planning; to draft and supervise the implementation of medium-term and long-term plans on cross-municipal, cross-city and cross-prefecture water supply and demand, and water distribution; to arrange discussion and argumentation over water resources and flood control in relevant overall national economic planning, city planning and key construction programs in Sichuan Province; to enforce water-drawing permission system and water resources fee system; to release reports on water resources in Sichuan Province; and to provide guidance on the planning and the management of hydrological affairs and hydrological stations (or networks).

  3) To formulate the policies on economical use of water, and work out the programs and standards of the planned and economical use of water; and to provide guidance on and supervise the planned and economical use of water.

  4) To draft the planning of water resources protection in Sichuan Province in accordance with relevant state laws, regulations and standards on resources and environmental protection; to arrange the demarcation of water function areas and exercises control over discharge of waste to drinking water areas and other water areas; to monitor the water quality and quantity of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, review and approve the wastewater loading capacity of water bodies, and give suggestions on the limit of wastewater discharge; and to examine the establishment and widening of wastewater discharge outlets to lakes and rivers.

  5) To provide guidance on water administration supervision and law enforcement throughout Sichuan Province; to coordinate and mediate significant inter-departmental, intercity (or inter-municipal or inter-prefecture) water disputes; and to investigate significant cases of violations of laws on water resources.

  6) To formulate economic regulatory measures for the water conservancy sector; to carry out macro-control and regulation, management, supervision and audit over the utilization of water resources funds; to provide guidance to the water conservancy sector in respect of water supply, hydropower, aquaculture and multi-sector operation; to give suggestions on economic regulation in respect of water pricing, taxation, credit and finance; and to provide supervision and guidance on the management of state-owned assets in administrations of water conservancy and aquaculture, water conservancy sector and local power sector in cities, municipalities, prefectures and counties.

  7) To draw up and examine proposals and feasibility reports of large-sized and medium-sized infrastructure projects of water conservancy; to have preliminary examination of the initial designs of water conservancy infrastructure projects submitted to higher authorities as large-sized and medium-sized projects; to organize and provide guidance on the management and development of province-managed rivers, lakes, bayou and beaches; to arrange the construction and management of the key controlling or cross-city, cross-municipal or cross-prefecture water conservancy projects; to organize and provide guidance on safety supervision of reservoirs and dams of hydropower stations; and to organize and provide guidance on urban flood control operations.

  8) To provide guidance on rural water conservancy in Sichuan Province; to organize and coordinate water conservancy infrastructure construction for farmland in Sichuan Province; and to provide guidance on township water supply in Sichuan Province.

  9) To administer matters in relation to local power subject to jurisdiction; to provide guidance on water conservancy sector, local power stations and power grids; to exercise technical supervision; and to organize rural electrization construction.

  10) To take charge of matters in aquaculture in Sichuan Province; to draft protection plans of fishery resources, and monitor the environment in respect of fishery; to administer nature reserves of aquatic animals in Sichuan Province; to take charge of epidemic prevention and domestic quarantine of aquatic animals; to deal with affairs in relation to the mediation of fishery disputes, and investigate major fishery cases; and to provide guidance on and supervise the safety of fish boats and fish ports.

  11) To organize province-wide water and soil conservation, and formulate and implement measures and plans on engineering projects for water and soil conservation; and to organize the monitoring and comprehensive control and prevention of water and soil losses.

  12) To take charge of affairs in relation to science and technology, foreign affairs and foreign economic cooperation in respect of water conservancy; to arrange major scientific research and technological popularization in water conservancy sector; to draw up and supervise the implementation of technical and quality standards, specifications and codes for water conservancy sector; to provide guidance on intellectual property affairs in respect of water conservancy; and to undertake foreign affairs in relation to international economic and technical cooperation and exchange within the water conservancy sector.

  13) To provide guidance on the quality improvement of the staff and the construction of service system in water conservancy sector in Sichuan Province; and to provide guidance on labor protection and work safety in water conservancy sector in Sichuan Province.

  14) To undertake daily affairs of the Headquarters for Flood Control and Drought Relief of Sichuan Provincial Government; to organize, coordinate, supervise and provide guidance on flood control and drought relief throughout Sichuan Province; and to make adjustments for major rivers and key water conservancy projects in respect of flood control and drought relief.

  15) To undertaking other tasks assigned by Sichuan Provincial Government.

  Constitution of the Department:

  The General Office, the Office for Planning, the Office for Water Administration and Water Resources (Office for Water Saving of Sichuan Province), the Office for the Administration of Finance and Economics, the Office for Personnel, Labor and Education, the Office for Science & Technology and Foreign Cooperation, the Office for Construction and Administration, the Office for Water and Soil Conservation, the Office for Rural Water Conservancy, the Auditing Office, the Department Committee of the CPC.


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