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SichuanProvincial Development and Reform Commission

Address: No. 156, Binjiang Rd.(E), Chengdu

Postal Code: 610021

Tel: 86705500 86705501(daytime)  86705960 86705961(night)

Fax: 86705503


1)      To implement State strategies, principles and policies on national economic and social development and put forth relevant measures for the implementation thereof; to formulate and enforce strategies, medium-term and long-term plans and annual plans on economic and social development in Sichuan Province; to design aims and policies for overall balance, speed and structural adjustment in economic development in Sichuan Province; to give suggestions on the utilization of various economic means and polices; and to make reports to the People’s Congress of Sichuan Province on economic and social development plans of Sichuan Province under authorization from Sichuan Provincial Government.

2)      To conduct research on economic and social development trends and situations in and out of Sichuan Province, and make forecasts and give warnings on macro economic development; to make studies of major issues, issues of general concern and difficulty in social and economic development in Sichuan Province, and give advice on macro-control policies with a view to coordinating economic and social development; and to provide guidance on, coordinate and have macro management over the operation of provincial economic and technical development zones.

3)      To collect and analyze fiscal and financial information and data throughout Sichuan Province; to formulate development strategies and policies on direct financing; and to make a comprehensive use of fiscal, financial, price control and other economic levers as well as economic means under direct control by Sichuan Provincial Government, and enforce regulations, economic policies and information direction with a view to ensuring the implementation of development programs and plans.

4)      To conduct research on and find solutions to comprehensive and overall issues in economic reform and opening-up in Sichuan Province, give suggestions on improving socialist market economy system and promoting development by reform and opening-up, and coordinate major issues in development and reform; to design general programs for economic reform  and coordinate the enforcement of relevant special economic reform programs; to provide guidance on and promote overall economic reform as well as supporting reforms and system innovation in urban and county areas, and arrange, provide guidance on and coordinate the enforcement of pilot projects of supporting reforms and special economic reforms.

5)      To determine the total scale and structure of fixed asset investment throughout Sichuan Province and formulate annual plans in this respect; to formulate relevant major investment policies, design key projects and production structure; to allocate construction funds from public finance, and provide guidance on and monitor the use of policy-related loans; to report to higher authorities for approval infrastructure projects beyond investment quotas and examine those projects within jurisdiction; to take charge of the initiation and feasibility studies of infrastructure projects throughout Sichuan Province in line with procedures of infrastructure projects, and examine the preliminary design and reports on the start of construction of state-funded projects in industrial sector, agriculture, water conservancy, transportation, railway, civil aviation, and information technology; to lead the direction of private fund investment in fixed assets; to formulate aims and measures on the strategies, overall balance and structural optimization of the use of foreign funds; to take charge of volume control, structural optimization and monitoring of the total foreign debts; to give suggestions on the formulation of the catalogue of industrial guidance for foreign investment in other fields than industry and commerce throughout Sichuan Province; to examine and approve projects funded by foreign loans, invested by foreign investors and financed by foreign funds subject to jurisdiction; to report to higher authorities and examine key projects using foreign funds and international investment; to formulate plans on key construction projects and annual investment in Sichuan Province; and to arrange and administer affairs in relation to specially-accredited inspector for major construction projects.

6)      To analyze the economic structure throughout Sichuan Province, make suggestions on optimizing ownership structure and formulate policies and measures promoting fair competition and co-development of various economic elements; to formulate economic industrial development strategies and plans to promote strategic adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure; to conduct research on and coordinate relevant significant issues in agriculture and rural economic and social development in order to integrating rural special programs and policies; to coordinate industrial development strategies and programs; to design development strategies and programs on energy and transportation in Sichuan Province, make forecasts and ensure overall balance on supply of and demand for energy; and to design strategies and plans for high technology sector in Sichuan Province, promote industrialization of major scientific and technological achievements, and provide macro guidance on technological progress and industrial modernization.

7)      To analyze the development of regional economy and urbanization, work out programs for harmonious development of regional economy throughout Sichuan Province and for the western development drive, and give suggestions on development strategies and policies for urbanization.

8)      To conduct research on and analyze market situations both in and out of Sichuan Province and ensure the balance between supply of and demand for key commodities and exercise macro regulation thereon; to formulate and supervise the enforcement of plans of the total volume of import and export of key produce, industrial products and raw materials; to conduct research on important system reforms and policies in promoting market-based national economy and the market system; to manage provincial reserves of such significant goods and commodities as grain and cotton; to formulate strategies and plans on the development of modern logistics; and design development policies, overall layout and major regulation policies on commodities markets and production element markets in Sichuan Province.

9)      To ensure harmonious development between population and such undertakings as family planning, science and technology, education, culture and public health as well as the matching and balance between national defense and economic development; to put forth policies aiming at concerted development and mutual prosperity between economy and society and settling major issues in social undertakings; and to summarize and formulate overall plans for exploitation of human resources.

10)   To enforce sustainable development strategies; to formulate, and participate in and coordinate the enforcement of programs on resource exploitation and integrated utilization, environmental protection and ecological improvement; and to participate in the enforcement of overall planning on land exploitation, consolidation and protection, and ensure the matching between land utilization plans and economic and social development plans.

11)   To formulate policies on increasing job opportunities, adjusting income allocation and ensuring concerted development between social security and the economy; and settle major issues in employment, income allocation and social security.

12)   To draw up local administrative rules and regulations on economic and social development as well as economic reform and opening-up.

13)   To work out plans of economic development in ethnic minority regions; to join with relevant departments in formulating policies aimed at accelerating economic development in ethnic minority regions; to coordinate major projects in ethnic minority regions; and to promote  sustainable, stable and concerted economic and social development in ethnic minority regions.

14)   To provide guidance on and coordinate tender invitation and bidding in Sichuan Province; to join with relevant competent departments in formulating supporting measures for tender invitation and bidding and determining the scope and standards for projects for which tender invitation and bidding is required; and to supervise and inspect tender invitation and bidding in national and provincial key construction projects subject to prescribed authority.

15)   To administer the Bureau of Price Control and the Grain Bureau of Sichuan Province in accordance with provisions of Sichuan Provincial Government; and monitor price index in Sichuan Province, and provide guidance on overall balance between grain supply and demand in Sichuan Province and have macro control in this respect.

16)   To undertake other tasks assigned by Sichuan Provincial Government.

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