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Department of Education of Sichuan Province

  Address:No.26, Shanxi St., Chengdu

  Postal Code: 610041

  Tel: 86113375

  Fax: 86114807


  1) To implement strategies, policies, laws and rules on education, and formulate and supervise the implementation of policies, local rules and regulations on education throughout Sichuan Province.

  2) To formulate strategies on educational reform and development and plans for the development of education in Sichuan Province; and to work out policies on the reform of education system, identify the key aspects, structure, and speed of the development of education, and provide guidance on and coordinate the enforcement thereof.

  3) To manage the determined budgets of educational expenses of the Department; to participate in the formulation of policies and measures on the raising of educational expenses, educational appropriations and funds for educational infrastructure; to enforce the determined expense budgets (including educational fees and funds for educational infrastructure) in provincial public finance for provincial institutions of higher learning; to summarize and give comments on relevant standards of tuitions and other charges and submit relevant reports to authorities of price control and public finance for examination and to Sichuan Provincial Government for approval; to monitor the raising and use of educational expenses throughout Sichuan Province; and to supervise the operation of projects regarding international educational aids, educational loans and educational cooperation.

  4) To administer higher education, postgraduate education, vocational education, primary education, pre-school education, adult education, remote education through radio and television broadcasting and the Internet, and degree education in institutions run by non-governmental sectors; to adjust the layout of educational institutions; to examine the establishment, renaming, revocation and restructuring of higher educational institutions, senior secondary schools, and secondary vocational schools; to examine the establishment of curriculum of provincial higher educational institutions; to arrange the examination of uniform text books of secondary and primary schools; to provide guidance on educational and teaching reform and the development of key institutions and subjects; to provide guidance on and give support to the education undertakings in ethnic minority areas; and to take charge of supervision and evaluation on education.

  5) To administer affairs in relation to teaching and teachers throughout Sichuan Province; to plan and provide guidance on the development of teachers and teaching managerial staff; to formulate standards on personnel establishment of all kinds of educational institutions throughout Sichuan Province; to arrange further education, qualification certification and professional title assessment for teaching staff; and to provide guidance on the reform of internal management system in educational institutions..

  6) To plan and provide guidance on Party construction of all kinds of educational institutions at all levels, ensure ideological and political adherence, and promote ideological and ethical education, physical education, health education, artistic education and national defense education; to provide guidance on ideological and political adherence of leadership in higher educational institutions; and to join with relevant departments in promoting the development of leadership and cadre in educational institutions.

  7) To administer affairs in relation to all kinds of examinations for degree education of higher learning throughout Sichuan Province; to plan student recruitment in institutions of higher learning, of adult higher education and of secondary technical education, and arrange the enforcement thereof; to take charge of of the management of students’ registration of all kinds of institutions of higher education; and to supervise the system reform of graduate employment in institutions of higher learning, and work out policies on the employment of graduates, and provide channels for job opportunities for graduates.

  8) To plan and provide guidance on the research on natural sciences, philosophy and social sciences in the educational system throughout Sichuan Province; to encourage applied research on high technology, the application and promotion of research results and scientific achievements, and the combination of industry, learning and research; to arrange and coordinate the execution of national or local key projects undertook by institutions of higher learning; and to supervise the establishment and development of research bases and key laboratories in institutions of higher learning.

  9) To plan, administer and coordinate foreign affairs in the educational system throughout Sichuan Province; to provide guidance on international exchanges and cooperation as well as exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan; and administer affairs in relation to students studying overseas, foreign teachers and foreign experts working in Sichuan Province and foreign students in Sichuan Province.

  10) To take charge of the collection and analyses of basic information in the education system throughout Sichuan Province, and the development of educational information system.

  11) To administer provincial institutions of higher learning and subordinate public institutions of the Department; and to supervise the operation of associations, institutions, research centers and foundations.

  12) To undertake the specific work of the Sichuan Provincial Commission on Language and Sichuan Provincial Commission on Degree.

  13) To undertake the specific work of the Education Committee of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC.

  14) To undertake other tasks assigned by Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC and Sichuan Provincial Government.

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